How are we considering children’s rights as we cross into the AI frontier? Here I share recent convenings and insights from the global child rights community.

Two-day workshop, hosted in New York June 2019, to discuss shared values for children’s rights in AI environment. Outcomes were working groups to address aspects of AI in children’s lives, including education, family life, and privacy. Workshop report available here.
With its ability to transport individuals into unique environments, VR has been dubbed “the ultimate empathy machine” and emerged as an unlikely educational tool for cultural exchange. Less expensive than a field trip and more intimate than an ethnography, virtual reality video, like Global Nomads Group‘s “One World, Many Stories” series, uses a single headset to put youth in Queens into the shoes of a 19-year old in Jordan. With so much potential, the question remains: can this technology affect real change?
New America, September 2016